Saturday, January 21, 2017

Coaching a Saturday Long Run

Today was my first official day as a running coach! I set my alarm and laid everything out last night so I wouldn't forget anything. I printed up turn by turn directions for my group and put them in my running bag and set aside clothes for afterwards in case the rain started. Perfect plan, what can go wrong?
I woke up when the alarm went off got dressed but ditched the long sleeves because it was already in the 50s. I put my back up clothes in my running bag and filled my water bottles. I even left on time!

I had time to pee and sign in and I was really early. When the others coaches showed up with their printed our directions I realized mine were in the car so I ran back.
No directions.
I took them out to put my backup clothes underneath and never put them back in.
Oh, and I left my Garmin on the counter.
Score points for the new kid!
My group is transitioning from walking to running and they have just begun, so we cut the route down to 3 miles and had a great time out in the neighborhood near the store. After a few left, one runner asked to run some extra miles and we hit almost 6.5 total!

It was dreary and damp but the rain held off until after I got home, which was a nice bonus. I look forward to the weekly track workouts, although my group doesn't always attend.

Have you ever forgotten anything important on your first day of work?

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Flat Mama Friday

Tomorrow morning I had planned to run a trail race at the Whitewater Center in the Charlotte area. I was pretty excited about it, actually. That all changed while I was in Disney.
While I was in the Magic Kingdom, I made a call that resulted in my first ever coaching job! It's really hard to find a quiet place to make a call in MK y'all but it was worth the search!
Tomorrow morning will be my first group run as a paid running coach. I will be coaching a great group of people who have been walking half marathons but want to move up to a run/walk. I will be working for Run For Your Life, a running store with locations in the Charlotte area. I trained with them last fall for NYC and this year I join them as a coach.
I'm feeling super blessed and also fairly terrified. I don't know why, because I have mentored adults before and have coached 5 seasons of Girls on the Run, but this is huge to me.
Anyway, what do you think of my outfit?

I'm wearing last season's shirt since we haven't received one for this season yet, with my NYC finisher shirt underneath for luck. I'm also wearing my favorite running hat and Capris for added awesomeness.
I can't go wrong now, can I?
Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog on how it went!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday Training Update.... Post Almost Marathon Edition

Happy Thursday!
I am still recovering from the almost marathon, but I did get some workouts in!

Thursday we were in Cozumel. We took a 2 mile walk and we also went snorkeling for about 45 minutes.

Friday we were at sea. Morgan and I took a 40 minute yoga class that we dubbed extreme yoga because the ship was pitching a little and balance was harder. I also took a line dancing class that lasted about 30 minutes.

Saturday we drove home. It took about 10 hours. There was no exercise.

Sunday was mostly a laundry and unpacking day, although we did manage 2 different walks that both ended up being 1.7 miles each!!

Monday was another walk, 1.3 miles that time.
Tuesday was a rest day....

Wednesday I was back to running, taking it easy, tired legs.....

What was your favorite workout last week? I definitely enjoyed snorkeling even though the choppy water was a little scary!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Training for the Maine Coast Half Marathon

As a BibRave Pro I received a free entry into this race

After the lazy way that 2017 started, I really need to get back on the ball. Well, I guess it didn't start too lazy, since I ran the Disney 5k and attempted the Marathon with an injured foot. The cruise was mostly lazy, though! We are home, the house is back to normal, and most of the laundry is finally done!
My training for the Maine Coast Half Marathon starts in 2 weeks and I am so ready to get going. I am still a little tired from vacation, but I am ready to go!

I will be training with my friends, the PG Speed Demons, a running club that meets in the Charlotte area. I trained with them in the Fall for NYC and they have asked me to coach this year! I will be coaching the 13:30+ group and will run my own long runs after the group is done with theirs.

We have yet to make our travel plans, although we will be nailing that down soon. It is the week after our anniversary, which is a nice coincidence. and we really love Maine! Can you blame us?

Want to join me? There is a half marathon and a full marathon, and you can register at and use this code for 10% off!

Have you ever been to Maine?

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Staying Active and Eating Well on a Cruise

I am on the road home after a dream vacation: 6 days in Disney followed by 5 days on a Royal Caribbean cruise. I set a goal to eat well and exercise 30 minutes every day. In Disney it wasn't so hard, I ate fairly well, and stayed within my calorie goals most days with ease. All of that walking, with a 5k and semi marathon thrown in, and I think it all evened out.

The hubs joined Morgan and I for the cruise portion. I planned to eat really well all day and have a dessert at dinner.

The hubs had other ideas. He pretty much ate all the food and drank all the drinks. While I didn't join him in all that gluttony, I definitely kept up.
Now, if you want to eat well on a cruise, it is definitely possible. They had plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, grilled chicken, bread, cookies, cakes. Wait. What just happened?
Sigh. Such is life when you have self control issues when it comes to food!
I started each day convinced that I would eat well, but they had donuts and croissants and bacon and hash browns....
Lunch was easier, I always started with a salad and chose better meal options. Dinner menus had healthy options and of course, non healthy options, so I made sure to balance the two.
Could I have made better choices? Oh yeah. It could have been way worse, though, so it wasn't a total loss.

My second goal was 30 minutes of intentional exercise every day. There was a track that circled the pool and gym, and 6 laps was a mile. We walked that a few times and also took a yoga class, played mini golf and also table tennis. On our excursions we walked and went snorkeling.
There may also have been tequila, but I only tasted one kind....

They had tons of other classes at the gym, but we mostly stuck with family entertainment since Morgan isn't around much these days. I got my 30 minutes every day, usually more.

Have you ever stayed active and ate well on a cruise? We booked for next January and I plan to focus more on the fun and less on the food!

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